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Amphi Festival 2011 – Tanzbrunnen Cologne

Amphi 2011 group shot

Amphi 2011 group shot

This weekend Tanzbrunnen Cologne with the Amphi Festival 2011 was the number one gathering place for most (wo)men in black. As promised in the previous post’s comments but heavily delayed are some example shots taken with Socker the sturdy standard reflector. I beg your pardon. The first few pictures in the following gallery are not taken with Socker but you’ll see the difference without any problems. The actual Socker shots were taken with the Nikon SB-800. Hurray, even this model fits the IKEA design 🙂

I have to refine my statement about the quality of light Socker has. The “smooth but defined fall-off on the edges” is only visible up close and personal. Bring some distance into play and it turns into a much tighter and focused spot light. This is not too surprising as the “hardness” of a light depends on its size relative to the subject.

All in all it was a nice and relaxed festival with its ups and downs. For example as I have been told by the panorama guerilla who supplied the opener, this years group shot was an exciting adventure due to heavy security activity. It’s a pity panorama software does not assemble face to face contact across different exposures. If you know a tool or algorithms please drop me a line. I’ll forward it 🙂 Some of my favorites for this year: [(2950, 1424), (3490,1610), (5240, 2200), (4222,1567)]. You’ve been there during Nitzer Ebb? Why not search yourself and tell us about it?


2011-07-22: Due to discussions with friends I came to the conclusion that “there is no bad publicity” so I decided that providing no platform for certain things is the better choice. This section originally containd the following links to articles dealing with Amphi 2011:  [1], [2], [3]


And to join the choir: What’s it with all the rubbish this year?



But enough of that, hope you enjoyed the pictures. Until then, sincerely yours, P.

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  1. Congrats to your panorma-picture! The most exclusive picture of this festival, I guess.

    2011-07-20 at 07:34 / 7:34 AM

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